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UltimateRanches.com is a top equestrian real estate agent in the Colleyville, Texas Horse Farms for Sale guide on NewHorse.com.

The Ultimate Country Club Home!
Pictured above is the magnificent 11,000 square foot golf course villa in Fort Worth, Texas.
Click on the picture link to  see more about the villa for sale.

The government has given buyers using the credit another three months to close sales, and the initiative is being imitated on a smaller scale by states and private companies. But some think the market would be better off if we laid it to rest for good.
Ultra-high-end homes are on the market for tens of millions in Door County, Wis., and other unexpected spots. What are they doing there?
A new study reveals the cities that cost the most for foreign-based companies and individuals.
Private jet charter broker Victor has released its list of top destinations where New Yorkers will be traveling this summer.
Audi's premium compact sedan has been playing catch-up to Mercedes-Benz and BMW for decades, but all of that is about to change with the introduction of the completely redesigned 2017 A4. A week with this luxurious, fast, and innovative, four-door left me convinced that the segment has a new benchmark.
My favorite part about Memorial Day weekend every year is the convergence of the opening round of the French Open and the semi-final round of the NHL Stanley Cup hockey playoffs. It’s one of those unique annual alignments in the television universe that allows old school WASP sports addicts like myself to toggle back and forth from Paris’s clay to the ice in California in real time. This precise moment, experienced through the window from my outdoor shower, watching my peonies bloom and the ants crawl into my vodka and tonic symbolizes the beginning of summer.
Described by many as the ideal pad for Bond villains, Casa Brutale—the viral project launched by architecture firm OPA in July 2015—is set to be constructed. Recently, the Dutch firm announced that the cutting-edge project has received enough funding to proceed with construction in Beirut, Lebanon starting in mid July (subject to the issuing of the building permit) and slated to complete by 2018.
The Japanese Citizen Watch Group acquires Swiss Frédérique Constant group as part of the "Citizen Global Plan 2018."
The current Commander in Chief and First Lady have reportedly signed a contract to lease an 8,200-square-foot home in Washington D.C.'s upscale neighborhood of Kalorama (and no, it’s not white).
If San Francisco generally holds its nose at L.A., pretty much every Angeleno I know loves San Francisco – I sure do.
The world of finance is complex, to say the least. The market fluctuates rapidly, making it hard to pinpoint how well an investment will do both in the long and short-term. In this regard, finance and fashion share a common denominator: a purchase, however on-trend it may be at the time, may not have the return you desired six months down the line. This is why it is important to diversify your wardrobe, and stake your money in pieces that are not too of-the-moment—an idea that Zachary Prell, the founder of an eponymous menswear brand, knows all too well.
Game of Thrones just got even more complicated.
Investors and the public have been captivated by the innovative A5, which is so intuitive even non-pilots can learn to fly it in as little as 20 hours. But manufacturing and cost issues have forced founder Kirk Hawkins to slow production and lay off 150 employees and contractors,
Cody Rhodes requested his release in dramatic fashion, and his wife followed suit. In light of WWE's recent slew of releases, House Money Studios' Alfred Konuwa examines if Rhodes was right to call out WWE's creative process.
Things turn really ugly once the candidates hit the spin zone. Cartoon by Ted Rall.
Private jets, exotic cars, hot air balloons, VIP tours and a $49,000 price tag – this just might be the most luxurious way to experience the U.S.’s top National Parks.
Original snap shots of Babe Ruth usually sell for no more than a few hundred dollars, but bidders have driven a photo of him using his bat as a phallic instrument to more than $1400.
Think of her as the Studs Terkel of stripping.
How do you get pro-quality smoothness in your smartphone video footage? Clip your device into the Smooth-C 3-Axis gimbal for one-handed, stabilized video that ditches the jitters.
Unconventional and audacious, Brazilian brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana have made a career out of transforming waste products and industrial materials into objects of beauty and desire.
Archaeologists have finally solved the mystery behind the origin of these morbid Aztec skull masks.
Use this simple trick to grow your money twice as fast as you would by investing in the broad market, says Adam Johnson, founder of Bullseye Brief newsletter. He sits down with Forbes contributor Simon Constable.
Along with the Australian Open, Wimbledon in the UK, and the US Open, Paris’ Roland Garros is one of the four annual Grand Slam tournaments and one of the most prestigious. So even if you’re not a tennis fan, you’ve never watched a game in your life, and you couldn’t cite the name of a single player, attending the French Open is an experience not to miss for the spectacular skill of the world's top players from Rafael Nadal to Novak Djokovic, the thrilling atmosphere, and classic timeless French chic.
Microsoft launched a new promotion for the Windows Store today to simultaneously celebrate the success the Windows Store has experienced so far, and kick off the summer season. The Ready, Set, Summer Collection includes deals on more than 100 apps in the Windows Store designed to help you enjoy your summer.
Toyota has partnered with Uber, GM with Lyft and VW with Gett. It seems like every automotive company needs to have a car sharing and mobility play to prepare for the future of transportation, where the end game seems to be for no one to own their own car. But BMW has chosen to strike out on its own with a service called ReachNow.
Coyuchi makes natural organic bedding luxurious enough for the finest resorts.
This big beauty is the Hongqi L5, the most expensive Chinese car. It costs five million yuan or $760,000. Hongqi, Red Flag, is oldest automaker in China. They are famous for their enormous state limousines and parade cars. The L5 pays respect to this heritage. Design is retro-modern and inspired by the majestic...
Are you still using the earbuds that came with your smartphone or MP3 player? Well, you might not be as they’re rarely well made and may have broken long ago. However, plenty of people replace their standard-issue earbuds with a cheap pair often picked up in haste at an airport. That’s a bit of a shame as the amplifiers built into most smartphones are actually very good and perfectly capable of driving a good pair of earbuds. This week I've decided to take a look at three budget pairs of earbuds that will transform your listening experience. None of the products here cost a great deal of money so there’s no need to worry about carrying around a really expensive pair of earbuds but I guarantee you'll really love any of these and they’ll get you listening to your favourite music all over again.
“China is back,” proclaims Guillaume Deglise, CEO of Vinexpo, the wine trade exhibition that has gathered over 17,000 members of the wine trade this week at the Hong Kong Convention Centre from 24th to the 26th of May. The exact number of visitors will be calculated at the end of today, the final day of Vinexpo Hong Kong, but Deglise smiles and announces, “Even by the second day, we already surpassed the visitors numbers from last year.”
Game of Thrones just got even more complicated.
When the Federal Reserve announces a change in interest rates, it makes headlines. But does the federal interest rate directly impact your mortgage rate? See what Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner has to say ...
Emeryville, CA (May 26, 2016) -- Inman announced the first round of companies that will be exhibiting in Startup Alley at Inman Connect San Francisco, Aug. 2-5, 2016. Inman Connect is the place to be to learn about new ideas, industry innovation and technology. ...
With each passing day, it seems as though homes are selling faster and faster in Silicon Valley. In fact, closing time has nearly been cut in half from January to April in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, marking a record-breaking month for Silicon Valley real estate ...
Real estate expert Arno de Vos shares the top stories on Inman: NAR bans Zillow from its trade shows in 2016, an online brokerage offers frequent flyer miles to buyers and more ...
Our friends at CoreLogic have asked two good questions in a blog this month. First, why so few loan applications by borrowers with low FICO scores today compared to 10 years ago? And, if credit is tighter today than then -- as it is, by all testimony -- why has the rate of decline of applications fallen ...
CHICAGO -- Soon there will be 73 million millennials in the market, making up the largest generation of individuals since the baby boomers, which was 70 million. This is also the generation that has grown up with the Internet making digital marketing -- and, more importantly, mobile marketing -- a must ...
Steady job creation over the past five-plus years, unattractive rent costs and the anticipation of a mortgage rate increase are propelling homebuyers into the spring market at a faster rate than expected, according to the National Association of Realtors. Pending home sales in April reached their highest level in over a decade, with gains in contract signings across all major regions except the Midwest. ...
CHICAGO -- Discussing advanced real estate analytics over gut feelings and old-school approaches can bring about a fervor similar to religion. There are many in the middle, but believers and skeptics always seem to speak loudest. Avi Gupta, CEO of real estate data firm SmartZip, has no problem with following your gut, but as your business grows, he believes hard data starts to matter more ...
Why are leading housing economists such as Sean Becketti of Freddie Mac, Mike Fratantoni of the Mortgage Bankers Association and National Association of Realtors' Lawrence Yun still worried about rates on the long term? Although Becketti has lowered estimates to 3.9 percent by the end of this year, he still expects rates on a 30-year fixed to hit 4.5 percent in ...
I can’t call myself a digital native because that term is reserved for people who are the same age as my adult children. I’ll just say that I have had internet access in my home since the 1980s, and I fully appreciate the difference between a 300 baud dial-up modem and a 1,400 baud dial-up modem because that is all we had back then. Technical problems and issues are as old as the technology, and often, I have had to be my own tech support ...
Flip the traditional flip approach by keeping the investment for the long-term rather than selling as soon as possible post-renovation. This portfolio-type investment strategy of “hold, accumulate, then flip” has been afforded to and utilized by large-scale investors for years in both the residential and commercial real estate markets, and it's often seen as a less-risky investment type ...
Realtor Rob Thompson was once contacted by a future client for an unusual reason. Another agent, who had never met Thompson, had "so vociferously denounced" Thompson that the client "felt they had to meet me," he said ...
Mortgage rates plus all the latest real estate market news ...
Hiroshi Horiike, a retired Chinese millionaire, bought a Malibu house in 2007 for $12.25 million cash. The advertised square footage was 15,000 square feet, but the actual square footage was under 9,500. Horiike sued the listing agent, Chris Cortazzo, and Coldwell Banker, the broker, for violating fiduciary duties ...
If we already know we can, then to me, that’s ordinary, not extraordinary. Every single one of us can assess ourselves and our capabilities. When we know that we can do things, we usually go ahead and take on a challenge -- knowing full well that we are capable of overcoming that challenge. That’s ordinary ...
If you're wondering how to become a mega agent, look no further. Today, we're talking about the real estate treasure map and how it can lead you to consistent success. Commit to the powerful spokes you need to make your business wheel turn, a relentless lead follow-up plan and a schedule that works for you, and you'll be armed with what you need to make it big in the business ...
Soho Properties Chairman and CEO Sharif El-Gamal recently announced the company's securing of $219 million to put toward construction of a high-rise residential condo property in Tribeca ...
Alexandria is the quintessential town. It's rich with history and full of charm, and its streets are dotted with leafy trees and quaint storefronts. It is a place to live, work and play close to everything in Washington D.C., but far away from the stressful hustle of urban life ...

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Apple is designing a radical new iPhone...
VideoWhile ONE Championship remains a relative unknown to most fight fans in the U.S., it has quickly become not just the premier MMA promotion in Asia, but the largest sports media property in the continent’s history. ONE Championship Chairman and Founder Chatri Sityodtong (Image via ONE) That may be hard to believe [...]
China has upset Asian neighbors from Japan to Vietnam by flexing harder than the rest on its claims to vast swathes of disputed oceans. But Asia’s third largest country, Indonesia, usuallytolerates itsbrushes with Beijing to keep up prized economic ties. Now China is pushing its onlyfriend in the disputed oceans of [...]
Klebsiella and wbc - David Dorward, NIAID, PHIL Brace yourselves. The scary antibiotic resistance gene, mcr-1, has been found in the U.S. for the first time, in a 49-year-old Pennsylvania woman with symptoms of a urinary tract infection. This gene was first discovered in China last winter, then in the Netherlands and [...]
Apple continues to outshine its peers in every metric that counts.
Johannes is fed up wasting his time with unprofessional recruiters who won't tell him Thing One about a job opportunity but still want him to send over a resume and answer their many questions. What can Johannes do?
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is following through on a promise he first made to his employees in a tweet last October. On Wednesday, Twitter's stockholders gave preliminary approval to Dorsey's plan to give one third of his Twitter shares to his employees.
The Chinese brand has lost its stigma and is ready to take on the world.
Yesterday, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued a final rule creating a variable fee structure for small, light water reactors. It creates a new term called a "bundled unit" and then bases the annual fee on the thermal power output of the bundled unit. It is a three part structure with a minimum fee, a variable fee computed as a function of thermal power, and a maximum fee for a range of output power.